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Our new power business dresses & why they should be hired for your wardrobe

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Introducing our new career dresses to get you ready for the first spring office days this season. Promise, this will be your most powerful and feminine business wardrobe ever. 
We just happened to reveal the resume of each dress. A look behind the scenes why each dress should be hired for your wardrobe. 

#1 The Martina Dress (named after one of our founders)

It’s our founders favorite dress, that’s why we simply put a tag on it and called it the Martina Dress.

Profile: It’s a tribute to women who want to dress feminine. Day to night, this dress will let you excel in business meetings (be sure compliments will fly in) as well as after work celebrations. Don’t be afraid to wear red. Pair it with a strong business acumen and it will be the perfect combination to make you look powerful, classy and 100% business.  

Expertise: Deep pockets, firm jersey fabric that will let you look stellar, mid long sleeves that are business appropriate, washable, elegant tailored jersey top with a pleated skirt.

The Carola Dress (named after one of our first contributors at MaximFaro) 




Profile: It’s our most tailored dress that highlights the feminine silhouette. It is made to fit but still lets you breathe. Afraid of showing off too much? Don’t worry, we got you covered with this dress. This dress works also well for tall women.
Expertise: fully lined to avoid any annoying static cling, stretchable fabric for extra comfort, smart details in the shoulder part, appropriate for every business occasion.   
The Julia Dress (one of our first customers to fall in love with this business dress, before it was even online in our shop) 


The first reaction of Julia to this dress was like: Wow, this dress feels like my pyjama, it’s super comfy, I can even wear it when I am on the go by bike.

Profile: The Julia Dress is our modern & sophisticated interpretation of the classy etui dress. We added some nice details to the front to give it a little extra twist.  

 It is perfect for women on the go whether it’s a morning bike ride to the office or an early am flight to the next executive meeting.  

Expertise: bust friendly (due to details in the front part)  fabric with stretch to support any of your moves, washable, fully lined inside for extra comfort when you get dressed.   


Summer is here, so let's get you started with a nice business dress! 
- Martina F