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The wool blazer: why the best blazer comes from the back of a sheep

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At MaximFaro it’s all about finding the best suitable fabric for each and every piece that we create. We just happened to fall in love with wool.

Yes indeed, the best product has its origin on the back of a sheep. In our opinion, it’s worth the investment to go for a high quality business jacket that is made out of natural fiber. Wool adds some nice functionality to your business blazer that you'll love!

Here are our top 5 reasons why you should invest in a wool blazer.

#1 Cool & warm

If a sheep can live with wool on its back all year round, then we are probably in the same lucky situation. Wool has the advantage of regulating the temperature itself. It keeps you cool in the summer, while in winter it serves as natural insulation keeping you warm during cold days. If you don't want to worry about the temperature in the morning, choose your wool blazer. 


MaximFaro wool blazer - The Game Changer
MaximFaro wool blazer - the Game Changer 
(made out of 98% wool fabric)
#2 Breathable - because breathing is important in business

Rushing from one meeting to the next, it is sometimes hard to catch a breathe. Meanwhile you don’t want to feel like you're soaked in sweat by lunch time. Wool offers a great solution for that. It is a lot more breathable than other synthetic fabrics.

# 3 On the go

When you travel for work, you just wish your wardrobe is in a better shape than you. In addition, the one thing you probably don’t have handy is an iron. A business blazer made out of wool material is a great travel buddy in that sense and will get you wrinkle free through all your business travels. 

MaximFaro wool blazer - The Fast Mover 
(made out of 99% wool fabric)

# 4 Busy days

Wool fibers draw moisture away from the body. It is able to absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture without feeling wet.

#  5 Made to Last

If you buy a high quality wool blazer, you want it to last. Congratulations, wool is one of the strongest materials making it durable for a long time.  It is also extremely lightweight which adds up to an extra comfort level.

Let us know about your favorite business blazer @hello@maximfaro.com 

Martina F.